Uhuru drums up support For Raila as he says politics is not a sprint but rather a marathon

President Uhuru Kenyatta has drummed up support for ODM party leader Raila Odinga, saying leadership is not sprint.

Sprinting is running over a short distance at the top-most speed for a limited period of time.

Speaking on Wednesday, after conferring city status to Nakuru, Uhuru said Kenyans should elect a marathoner.

"Vijana punguzeni speed, uongozi sio sprint, ni marathon. Mzee atakanyaga pole pole akupite ukiwa bado kwa barabara," he said.

This translates to, "Youths, don't rush. Don't come with speed.. speed will lead to your downfall. You'd rather come slowly but reach your goal."

Uhuru said the youth should not be made to believe that while some are young, others are too old for the presidency. 

"Ukiambiwa huyu ni mzee tunahitaji kijana... mtu anachagua na ubongo wake... Uongozi sio mpira wa kuchezwa kwa uwanja, uongozi ni marathon sio sprint. Wewe kijana utakimbia speed ufike pale pumzi iishe....mzee akuje pole pole akupite mos mos," he said.

This translates to, "If you are told that a certain person is too old and a young leader is needed, think for yourself. Leadership is not football to be played in the field. It's a marathon, not a sprint."

The President asked Kenyans to seek peace, not violence.

"Let us not take peace for granted. I know that it is easy to get excited when told how politicians will do certain projects, but you should know that peace is the only way out," he said.

Uhuru said some politicians are still criticising him for his handshake with Raila.

"When we had violence; Kenya lost Sh1 trillion. But because we agreed on peace, that is what has helped us even during Covid-19,"he said.

"Bid your time; uongozi haina haraka; pole pole mtafika. usjipeleke na haraka eti hutaki kuungana na watu, hii uongozi itakuletea shida na wananchi.. mimi siwafichi sitafuti kura."

This translates to, "Leadership does not require haste, go slow and you will reach. Don't be hasty and unwilling to work with others. Leadership will bring you problems with citizens... let me be honest with you, I'm not looking for votes."

The Head of State said that it is in Nakuru that all politics in Kenya begun.

"Moto wote unatoka hapa.. nyinyi ni watu hatari sana, nyinyi mnaishi mkiwa jamii kutoka kila kona la Kenya (Nakuru is the bedrock... you all live as a cosmopolitan family)," he said.



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