How to Provide Valuable Career Experience to Your Interns

When young talent starts entering the workforce through internships, their success partly depends on the leadership they receive. For those new in their careers, internships are a vital launching pad, and the guidance from a mentor can improve their chances of landing a job. 

Taking on one or more internships increases hireability after the experience is over. In 2019, 56 percent of interns became full-time hires at their company, which is why access to internships is crucial for future job candidates. 

The interns you work with will most likely be eager to dive in. As a leader, it’s your job to embrace their eagerness and help them harness their excitement to reach their full potential. When someone leaves a good internship experience, they should not only have more experience, but more skills added onto their resume. 

Whether your intern stays on full time or finds another opportunity, you are still helping them to realize their next step isn’t as scary as they originally thought. Whether you manage interns directly, or someone else on your team does, here’s how you can be a leader that connects them to the next phase of their career.

Help them discover career likes and dislikes.

Your interns are just starting out in their industries, so this is a crucial time for them to discover the parts of their career they like and the parts they don’t like. Half of people who participate in internships take on more than one, as they typically do not last longer than a year. By doing this, people new to the industry get a career buffet of sorts before diving in full time. A person could have multiple internship experiences, with each one completely different from the next. 

To help your intern explore more of their industry, be in tune with what they like to do, what they don’t like to do, where they’re skilled and where you see potential. The best way to do this is to get to know your intern. The more you are familiar with someone’s personality, the easier it is to connect them with people and projects that set them up for success. It’s also important to be a leader they feel comfortable communicating with, as employees are more successful when they see their leader as trustworthy.


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